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The White Deer | thewhitedeers (b.1990, Hong Kong) - Wildlife Series

Peony Yip is a Hong-Kong-based artist/illustrator who draws under the pseudonym The White Deer. She considers herself as a regular human being who has her goals and tries constantly to pursue it. The drawing is definetly what she knows the best and, hopefully, will drive her to somewhere so that she won’t have to work in a cubicle. Thanks to her creativity and imagination, The White Deer has quickly developed her own unique style. Her sources of inspirations? “I guess life itself, little things that happen to me or something I saw or overheard I can’t really put a specific thing on my inspiration.” Please visit her Tumblr, Facebook or Flickr for more works. (Interview with artist by ARTchipel Mar-2012)

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(Source: artchipel)